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       Who is Infotain4U?

Infotain4U represents two individuals, Reinhold Petrul and Lars Lanz, who complement each other perfectly due to their different backgrounds. Reinhold Petrul brings decades of experience in engineering, tendering, and sales, while Lars Lanz has a strong background in electrical engineering and ITIL-based IT.

Based in Germany near Ulm, we have joined forces to pool our capabilities and focus on one goal: to captivate people with infotainment. If you share our passion for infotainment, then you know how important it is to keep up with the latest trends and developments. That’s why we offer a variety of options to stay up-to-date and keep pace with the times.

We’re confident that you’ll feel right at home with us as we work as a motivated team to explore new options and provide the best possible end-user experience. To achieve this goal, we collaborate closely with local partners to create bespoke infotainment systems that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Did we spark your interest? If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would love to hear from you and learn more about how we can help you achieve your infotainment goals.