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Our customised multifunctional mirror

Content Types

The types of information to be presented on our mFMirror are endless and just depending on the connected media source. So it could be a TV receiver, a DVD player, a dedicated media player running some bespoken video material or any other HDMI capable device.

Information Videos

mFMirror Use-Cases are not just about advertisments or self-marketing, it could also be used as an information system. A good example is a short guide for a sink mirror about how to wash hands the correct way in general or at covid times in particular.


mFMirror can also be used to present the own company, push own products or inform about upcoming events like the next golf championship in a golf club.


A mirror is an extrordinary place to present ads. Magical and unexpected when it is active, and still an inconspicious mirror when it is offline. So it fits perfect into the environmental conditions.

Design element v1_2 Intelligente Spiegel

mFMirror Use Case Examples


mFMirror, our customisable multifunctional infotainment mirror.  

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mFMirror - What ist the difference ?

  • The magic experience

    The secret of our design is that you can not discover the display, you just realise the mirror in the first place. That means the full surface of the mirror is still a mirror with no reduction of reflection. This is essential to give the impression that the mirror itself is displaying the content, not an integrated 16:9 display. Exactly this is the magic experience. Why not using it for your business?

  • Highly customisable

    We can setup and adjust our systems to make it a perfect fit for your requirements. That includes mirror size, amount of displays, media-player as well as things like additional frames to let it look like a painting with live content.

  • Technology

    All our electrical components are CE labeled and 24/7 runtime devices. Also our displays are industrial class not consumer ones. All components work with passive cooling, so no fan noises at all. Our systems are designed, built and supported in Germany. We are working with local partners as much as possible.

  • Content creation

    You can create and manage the content yourself. However, we can also support with content creation, partly or as a full service. Our mediaplayer provides options to just loop the videos, or play them accordingly to a day/time schedule. Even external web sources can be shown, i.e. weather and time information.

  • Management with USB stick

    One of the content transfer options is the usage of an USB stick. You just need a password protected USB stick filled with your content and plug it in. The system automatically copies the files and play them afterwards. Nothing more to do. How simple is that?

  • Management via SFTP client

    Once the IT4U-mirror is connected to your network, be it LAN or WiFi you can choose the SFTP option. All you need is a SFTP client (can be downloaded from internet for free) to access the mediaplayer's data folder to copy your files.

  • Management via Browser

    Depending on the used software of the mediaplayer it is possible to access mediaplayer settings directly via web browser to upload files, add web links and configure time/date schedules.

  • Management via cloud portal

    Management via cloud makes sense when you have to manage multiple IT4U-Mirrors to manage everything in one place. Ideal when you have to keep them synchronous with the same content. Another nice feature is to cluster your mirrors to build a Video-Wall to get one big virtual system.

Media player

Media players are the engines of our mFMirror systems. They are responsible for bringing the video material to the screen. There are different options for different customer requirements. Nevertheless, all our setups are easy to handle, be it a simple endless video loop, or Date/Time based setup including an URL integration feature to also display i.E. external content like weather forecast. Another awesome function is a Video-Wall functionality, means a single video stream is spanned across multiple displays.

Content creation

There are multiple options to get the content created. It could be fully done by yourself or you ask us for creation. As a full service or just partially. Let's have a chat. Prices are based on complexity and needed time for creation. However, our goal is always to keep it as simple as possible in case you want to create your content yourself.

Extension components

There are many extensions possible, just think of frames based on different materials for the perfect fit to the given environment, external speakers, motion detectors, backlight and others.

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Frequently asked questions

mFMirror ist a customised mirror system to present video content for a variety of use cases like advertisements, signage, information screen, upcoming events and so on. To have the best fit for individual requirements it can be tailored with different options to provide a great end user experience.

In general it has to be a video with H.264 codec and MP4 format. This setup is the best fit for most of the players.

IT depends on the setup of the system and the chosen components. However here are some ballpark figures.

Display 15″: 36 Watt

Mediaplayer small: 15 Watt

It was a coincidence. Once in that topic we immediately saw just inactive mirrors everywhere which should be raised to another level of information to present magic content.

The largest dimension possible is 3,10m x 1,90m

Yes, depending on the mirror and display size we can integrate multiple displays.

No, we are not hiring at the moment